Artikel mit dem Tag „YouTube“

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  • Pentanotix is an acapella band that has won the casting show "The Sing-Off". This show is a special entertainment format to find the best acapella group. Pentatonix consists of one girl and four guys singing vocally only. They have a great number of covers and medlys on their YouTube Channel. Of course they have released their own music as well. Their music style and talent makes them very unique and there are very little comparable bands out there at the moment. So if you like acapella music and beatboxing then you will for sure like their music. I can highly recommend their music as it's… [Weiterlesen]
  • Kina Grannis has been around on YouTube for quite some time. Her covers and own songs have collected many fans / followers and views. Her distinctive and beautiful voice is one of the main features that you learn to love about her. She brings a very different approach to every song she sings. If you are a fan of a more settled down music you should definitely have her on your watch list. As always launching a career through YouTube isn't as easy as it might sound - but she has managed quite well so far. I think now the time has come to show you what I was talking about and let you listen to… [Weiterlesen]
  • Clara C is an YouTube artist that can mesmerize you with her beautiful voice. Mostly she plays the guitar in her videos. Her YouTube channel offers a great number of covers of popular songs, as well as it features her own music. Beside others her music and channel might not be as well known which also represents in viewing numbers of her videos. Besides that she has managed to release some albums with her own music already. If you are going to watch her music videos in a few seconds you will for sure know that se deserves hell a lot of more views. [Weiterlesen]
  • Tori Kelly has auditioned for American Idol back in 2010 but didn't make it to the Top 24. She took the resentment and started to work on her own career. You can find her music as well as many covers on her own YouTube Channel. As seen with many other artists you can't really tell what you get on an casting show. Some really turn out to be awesome and get super-mega-stars, others you never hear a word about after releasing their first album. As you can see with Tori, others that didn't make it have super awesome voices and really have to fight to get their career startet. I think it's now… [Weiterlesen]